Gallery 1

Untitled (1985)

12" x 18"

Surviving fragment of a larger painting, the rest of which ritualistically destroyed in 1987. Synthetic polymer paint, ink, palm tree bark and sand on canvas.

First White Elephant (1986)

16” X 20” 

Synthetic polymer paint, palm tree bark, tobacco, earth and ceramic fragments on canvas board.

Hearing Voices/Oyendo Voces (1986)

4” X 6”

Synthetic polymer paint and gesso on paper.

Homage to Duane Michaels (1994)

10” X 14”

Synthetic Polymer paint on canvas board.

Buck’s County Fall Landscape (1994)

16” X 20”

Oil on canvas board.

Ganesh Watching his Mother Bathe (1994)

16” X 20”

Oil paint, straw mesh and glue on canvas board.

Fireflies in the Rupununi Savannah / Luciérnagas en el Valle de Rupununi (1994)

36” X 48”

Oil, glue and gesso on cotton.

[Private Collection – Brenna Quigley, San Juan, Puerto Rico]

Reproduced with permission, Academy Forum, Summer 2007

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