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Cuban Art is usually curated along political boundaries. This exhibition attempts to blur these boundaries by selecting work that has sociopolitical valence not weighted in the events of the second half of the twentieth century, presenting a contemporary aesthetic rooted in American artistic traditions such as pre-colonial Mesoamerican narrative art and abstract expressionism; West African traditions in post colonial America; European traditions such as realism and surrealism; and assemblages, abstraction and installations that do not yet fit into culture-bound paradigms.

The Cuban born curators, Alfonso and Rivera, emigrated in 1965 and 1995, respectively, and met four years ago. They collaborate in solo and group exhibitions and share studio space. From their dialogue and friendship a narrative developed and the aesthetic resonance in their most recent work reflects a vibrant intersubjectivity that is separate from that of these two vastly different but profoundly connected individuals. The artists selected for this exhibition are all Cuban-born but work in different parts of the American continent. Some were trained in the famed San Alejandro's Academy in Havana, while others pursued their artistic endeavors first in the United States.

Although some of the selected works still carry tangible nostalgic tension, most deviate from conventional political parameters and blend into a worldly, or even other-worldly visual narrative that is enchanting, serene, powerful, agitating, introspective and/or playful. The works chosen for this exhibition are meant to please and provoke transculturally and without discrimination.

- César A. Alfonso | November 17, 2011 | New York -

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